I was doing some research for a thing and found that little gem on TMZ.  To be fair, I already did the second two pictures a long time ago.

That’s really fucking annoying. I had no idea they were TMZ photos.  I swear to god if this trend continues, they’re going to get fed up and not do anything anymore and that will ruin it for everyone. 

The helmets are there for their and our protection. Their protection from crazy fans and our protection from forming opinions on them based on looks. They have no looks with the helmets.

It’s purely about the music. Why can no one ever make up their fucking minds. 

I get that we like to maybe connect a face with an artist so the idea of seeing them without helmets is appealing but just c’mon.

Not to mention that you can already find hundreds of pictures of them without those helmets online. 

Who the fuck are these ads holes anyway. Pisses me off. No seriously I am so done right now.

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